Pat Cronley – Piano Player

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Pat Cronley has played for Presidents, Governors, Movie Stars and TONS of Weddings!

  • Twice for President Bill Clinton
  • Twice for Governor Engler’s Inauguration
  • Tom Arnold’s Wedding

“Pat Cronley began playing the piano at age 4 or 5. In a musical family that included five older brothers, all musicians, artistic expression seemed natural for Cronley, who says he always enjoyed performing. While many young aspiring musicians find out, sooner or later, that playing music isn’t going to pay the bills, Cronley has stayed true to his youthful ideals. He’s managed to make a living as a performing musician, recording mostly jazz, and, of late, has started turning his attention to writing songs.” (exert from Midland Daily News)


Merry Christmas to you too Dean. Your entertainers were terrific. Pat Cronley is my favorite as you know. The magician was good, but I think next year we should try a different guy…different tricks. But the Barry Manilow singer was the greatest….my boss thought he was the best we ever had. Our Christmas party was absolutely a success.
Thank you.  Janet D. – Employee Christmas Party, Troy  MI  (7 years in a row!!)