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Joey – A Man Who Hasn’t Been Himself Lately!

Joey has worked every facet of the entertainment world, from concerts, conventions, state fairs, and major cruise lines to top supper clubs. His television credits include national network shows: “Joey Bishop Show,” “Norm Crosby Comedy Shop,” “The Merv Griffin Show,” and “Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century.”

He has performed his cavalcade of faces and voices throughout the world, working with such stars as Phyllis Diller, Ray Charles, The Smothers Brothers, Roy Clark and The Oak Ridge Boys – just to name a few.

Recently, Joey performed for the 65th Annual White House News Photographers Association in Washington D.C. honoring past President Regan and Mrs. Regan.

Joey’s show is clean, fast-paced and imaginative – from his hilarious one-liners and funny musical impressions to his side-splitting audience participation.

Joey Van


Joey zips through a fast-paced program in which he takes on the guise of a multitude of personalities to a hilarious effect.
Hollywood Reporter

Your closing act made the overall evening a total success. Please accept our deepest appreciation for a super performance.
White House News Photographers’ Association

Joey is beyond a doubt as versatile a performer as you could ask for – a comic impressionist, a bundle of dynamite under perfect control.
Chicago Tribune

Totally exciting! Joey easily mastered the mannerisms and voices of prominent individuals. He has a way of being on target with what people thought. He was so funny, many laughed until they cried.
President of the New Hampshire Grocers’ Association

Fast moving imitations. The voice qualities are instantly recognizable, buttressed by the correct visual mannerisms.
Los Angeles Herald Examiner

This was an event for people in the ag industry, and she told a joke about beans! She was wonderful. We got a lot of positive feedback on her performance. Many guests said that she was very talented and did an excellent job. We hadn’t had so many compliments on a performer before! One guest saw her perform a few weeks earlier, and he said it was just as entertaining the 2nd time around! A lot of guests even went up to speak with her afterwards to thank her.
Amy Sweeney, Bad Axe